Merchandising Store

Movie and series merchandising

We have Marvel collectibles, products from anime series like One Piece, Naruto or video game products like World of Warcraft. If you want to buy commercial license products or collectibles, in our catalog you can find them at the cheapest price. Thinking of cosplaying or decorating your room? Ask us. 

Shop for swords, armor and historical replicas

In our catalog of medieval products you can buy medieval swords, Viking axes, leather and steel armor, Viking shields and other cultures. Our medieval store has thousands of products intended for historical reenactment, film recording or performance and events. 

Handmade products

We are the largest artisan products store in Spain. We have the collaboration of the largest network of independent artisans from countries throughout Europe. We sell culture, tradition and art, in addition to customizable products with the best qualities from generations of artists, seamstresses, forgers or blacksmiths, jewelers and countless professionals. 


The latest from our blog

create a razor step by step

Making razors step by step

In this article we will show you how to make a pocket knife step by step using three materials that make up its construction. Mahogany wood, bronze and stainless steel.

types of knives

Types of knives

Currently there are many types of knives for different uses, as there are so many applications and utilities that these may have that a great variety of these sharp wonders have been created and their use has become increasingly popular.


Elements of the Smithy

Blacksmithing is the trade of working iron in all its aspects. Forging, carving or casting ... Generally the metal is heated until it becomes incandescent, which we call red-hot, and then it undergoes the forging process.


Hammer Types

One of the essential elements in any workshop is the "inevitable" hammer. We find it in a multitude of shapes, weights and measures, such as the classic ball head, carpenter's hammer, sheet metal, fingernail and many more. Furthermore, each of them


Types of Steel - Alloys and a little history

Iron and Carbon are the fundamental elements used in the alloys that make up the composite metal that we all know as Steel. The Presence or absence of other metals Steel offers different results depending on the presence or


Viking ax: the weapon that characterizes the Vikings

A very iconic and versatile weapon that characterizes the Norse Viking warriors is the Viking ax, positioned as the most characteristic weapon of these warriors, with a legendary reputation as bloodthirsty and cruel. Their design and handling characterize them.


Weapons and Armor of Medieval Knights

For most of the Middle Ages, Western Europe was a society organized for war. The social and economic order was established on the demands of the state of war, and one of the main objectives of the feudal system


How did they dress in medieval times?

Everyday and Common Wear Men used to wear long stockings and tunics. Noble men also wore knee-length jackets, leggings, and pants. Both noble men and women wore jewelry and animal skins. Women, for

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