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Naruto: Los rollos de los ninjas de vapor confirman que Mirai necesita otro mentor además de Kakashi.

Naruto: Konoha’s Story – The Steam Ninja Scrolls has given fans a deeper understanding of Sarutobi Mirai, a character who has proven herself worthy of being the next Hokage in the Hidden Leaf. Mirai’s journey has been a fascinating one, as she’s been able to carry on her father Asuma’s legacy while bridging the generational gap and working past the pain of losing him. In Chapter 15 of The Steam Ninja Scrolls, fans see Mirai use a genjutsu technique to defeat Ryuki, a member of the Jashin cult dedicated to Hidan. While she’s proven herself competent in battle, it’s clear that Mirai needs someone to push her progress, particularly when it comes to perfecting her genjutsu techniques.

Mirai’s Genjutsu Skills

In the war against Ryuki, Mirai used a genjutsu technique to trick him into believing he had made her a blood puppet. She had him thinking he was licking her blood for the spell, when in reality, he was licking water from her bottle. This move is quick, cerebral, and something that the ANBU squad would approve of, as it leaves enemies writhing in pain from hallucinations. Mirai has also used this technique on thieves in the Land of Steam and left them incapacitated.

Kakashi’s Role in Mirai’s Journey

Kakashi has been an important mentor in Mirai’s journey, helping her evolve and grow. However, he is not an expert in the genjutsu technique that Mirai has used to defeat Ryuki. While Kakashi unlocked the Mangekyo Sharingan in the Naruto era, his knowledge of genjutsu is limited. Obito Uchiha temporarily powered him up for the Fourth Shinobi War against Kaguya, but Mirai’s prowess requires someone more skilled.

Sasuke and Kurenai: The Experts in Genjutsu Techniques

Sasuke, a Sharingan master, or Kurenai, Mirai’s mother, who has incapacitated many enemies of Konoha in the past, would be the perfect teachers for Mirai. Learning from experienced folks like them would enable Mirai to rise to the levels of Itachi or Shisui. If Kurenai takes Mirai under her wing, they can bond over what Mirai has learned in Steam Ninja Scrolls. Mirai’s emotional bond with her mother can strengthen their partnership and play on the concept of love, heart, and soul. This would motivate Mirai to honor her mother while giving Kurenai more screen time, as she became a background character once Asuma died.

Sarada and Mirai: The Future of Konoha

If Sasuke works with Mirai, there’s a chance for Sarada to join as well. This would create a sisterhood, as Sarada has her Sharingan and always loves learning from and with Mirai. Both Sarada and Mirai want to be Hokage, so Mirai can educate the teen on the journey’s progress and the missions outside Konoha that are helping her grow. They can also dissect how loss and tragedy have evolved their families. Sarada doesn’t know the pain of losing the Uchiha clan personally, but Sasuke does. Thus, he can help Mirai if the past is still attempting to stymie her growth.

The Importance of Genjutsu in Naruto

Genjutsu techniques are an essential part of the Naruto universe. They allow ninja to create illusions that affect an opponent’s senses, making them see, hear, smell, taste, or feel things that aren’t there. These techniques are often used to distract enemies or put them in a vulnerable state, making it easier for the ninja to attack. However, genjutsu can also be used for more peaceful purposes, such as communication or gathering information.

In conclusion, Sarutobi Mirai’s journey in Naruto: Konoha’s Story – The Steam Ninja Scrolls has been a fascinating one. She has proven herself as a competent ninja and a worthy candidate for the next Hokage in the Hidden Leaf. While she has mastered many techniques, she still needs to perfect her genjutsu skills. With the help of experts like Kurenai and Sasuke, Mirai can rise to the levels of Itachi or Shisui, becoming an effective ninja and a valuable asset to Konoha. Furthermore, her partnership with Sarada can create a sisterhood that will help both of them grow and become better leaders in the future.

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